Swim, the label established by Colin Newman (of the currently reformed Wire) and Malka Spigel back in 1993, releases this low-price sampler CD  of recent and forthcoming delights in March 2000.

swim team #1
Track Listing
A chance to dip into 
Swim's warm and fertile  waters........
01 Malka Spigel - Tall Grey Buildings [new track] 
Swim Team #1 melts the boundaries of atmospheric, mood-shifting electronica and guitar-based rock. A diving board to launch label debutantes Symptoms, Steve Gears and child prodigy Bumpy (he's 11!) - all of whom have debut LPs slated for release this year - the compilation contains highlights from the recent past and splashy new tunes from respected outfits like
Ronnie & Clyde and Silo
Swim Team #1 will retail for around the price of a 12 inch single. 

Both Colin and Malka contribute previously unreleased songs individually and together under the guise of Immersion, while the ultra-rare Newman/ Corrado Izzo track The Narrativ makes its way back from 500 copies only and-sold-out-in-a-day obscurity on the German i220 label. 

Come on in, the water's fine!

02 Silo - Templates [from Instar
03 Dol-lop - Phase [from Cryptic Audio]
04 Ronnie And Clyde - Mikki Maus [new track]
05 Lobe - Red Spaces [from Hibernation
06 Symptoms - Burn [from Symptoms]
07 Newman/Izzo - The Narrativ [forthcoming 7] 
08 Steve Gears - 1st Person  [new track] 
09 Bumpy - Pizza [new track] 
10 Malka Spigel - The Fishes And The Shining Sea [from My Pet Fish
11 Colin Newman - Blank Canvas [new] 
12 L.O.G.M. - Constellation [from Floating In Shallow Water]
13 Immersion (remixed by Mick Harris) - Walkabout [From Full Immersion]
14 Immersion - Dahab [from Low Impact]
15 Symptoms - Versus [from Symptoms
16 Spigel*Newman*Colin*Malka* - Strumgliding [from Live]
17 Silo - Bulk [work in progress]