As new technologies breed new hybrids in artistic styles so old certainties break down. Silo are a case in point. Ostensibly a rock band with a grounding in everything from Metallica to Helmet, these three Danes have been subverted and seduced by the post rock sensibilities of Tortoise and their many followers and the heady possibilities of digital manipulation to a point where they are both a rock band in actuality and a rock band inside a computer.

Silo : Instar
Track Listing
01 Flake

Impossible to simply describe the band's killer combination of "real" instrumentation ("actual" guitar, bass, drums & even sometimes vocals) honed to the sharpest of points with bit accurate digital manipulation ranges from the hypnotic to the downright "kick ass" (in fact we suspect the first "math rock" outfit who can "rock" as hard as they can "concept"!!!). Not only that but in Deckwork they have a song which will send shivers up your spine and in Templates a theme for the post everything generation.

SILO are - Soren Dahlgaard , Frederik Ammitzboll and Mikkel Bender.
Produced by Silo & Colin Newman.


02 Asset
03 Beat 41
04 Templates
05 Cowboy
06 You Play with Guns
07 Two Grown Men Can't Pull It Apart
08 Cream Puff
09 Tuffer
10 In Constant Use
11 Deckwork