Swim & Post Contemporary proudly present a transglobal collaboration on the new Legion of Green Men album. Floating In Shallow Water is the long awaited second full length from "Canada's finest" the duo of Lex & Ru (also known as INCARNATE).

Legion of Green Men : Floating In Shallow Water
Track Listing
00 Floating In Shallow Water [0:55]

Floating In Shallow Water exhibits the sonic diversity of Legion Of Green Men , spanning between groove friendly breaks, aqueous electronics, odd time signatures and splash of dub. It is also laced with subliminal subtleties and tracks at the beginning and end of the CD require user participation to be heard. Can't find 'em? E.mail us on pcon@swim-hq.demon.co.uk or pcon@interlog.com

01 For Maria, Wherever I May Find Her [3:39]
02 The Borderless Beyond [4:05]
03 Owls In The Apple Tree [4:29]
04 Gammaland [4:55]
05 Constellation [9:47]
06 A Forest Primeval... (Patience Part 1) [7:37]
07 ...Stars On Still Lake (Patience Part 2) [4:35]
08 Logarhythm Two Point Three [3:12]
09 Tracing #13 [1:10]
10 Demystified Time (& Space) [11:27]
11 Listener Defined Noise Floor [2:17]

out in March '99