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No. 10 in Sherman chart for MELODY MAKER

Full Immersion : The Remixes Vol. 1

Track Listing
01Envelope: g-man "Oscillating", Immersion's first release on Swim, attracted a wide cross section of admirers, who raved about its almost beatless, electronic strangeness . As a result, Immersion, who aren't very interested in promoting themselves, suggested that we try to contact contemporary musicians and producers who were interested in remixing the band, with instructions to cast the net as wide as possible. So many people agreed that the project now includes monthly vinyl releases, with three already out, and at least 2 CD compilations. 'Full Immersion', the first CD release, combines the first two month's releases and features mixes by Mark Gage, Intens,Trawl, Craig Wharton, Fred Giannelli, Iris, Claude Young and Mick Harris. It also features two bonus tracks by g-man and Immersion themselves. Of those on the first 12-inch, Gage is the man behind the increasingly successful Vapourspace (the music, not the London club) & Cusp, Intens is Swim's in-house mixing team, Trawl is one Robin Rimbaud (best known for his Scanning activities and monthly club nights at London's ICA), while Wharton is a good mate of Gage's who has been dabbling with electronic music for the last decade. Mixers from the second 12-inch range from Giannelli, a one time member of Psychic TV, who runs his own Telepathic label in Boston and a contractually unidentifiable Iris through to Young, a Detroit D.J. who records for Utensil and is best known for his frantic mixing style and ex-Napalm Death, Lull and probably Scorn mainstay Harris. Bonus mixers g-man and Immersion, who surely need no introduction, are included to add extra value.

02"Slow Drift" Immersion: Claude Young
03Water Walker: Telepathic
04Immersion "Walkabout": Mick Harris
05Oscillating Between: Mark Gage
06Water Walker: Trawl
07Oscillating: Iris
08Oscillating Between: Craig Wharton
09Les Iles Flottantes: Intens
10Oscillating Between (alternative mix): Immersion