immersionLOW IMPACT
A soundtrack to floating high above the city, Immersion's 'beat-denuded loopscapes' offer a panacea to those living below
"..Fast cut to the present.... It is 1999 and the whole musical climate has changed. Turning away from the dancefloor, Immersion's new album reflects the beatless
boundaries where styles become immaterial, where great music stands on it's creativity alone and tribal considerations of what it is are long forgotten."

"A masterpiece of modern, contemplative, electronica. Low Impact  contains music of Immense proportion yet keen subtlety. Music that will envelop and subvert all the listener's preconceptions of ambience and isolation."

Now available  First 2000 with free BACKFLIP CD 2nd Immersion + 2 unreleased classics
"..material which again pre-empted the kind ofelectronic production techniques taken for granted today" 

An Immersion event is under consideration for Wire's  rescheduled Royal Festival Hall (FEB 26 '00) "evening"
Dublin Installation