Immersion by Immersion

Immersion's contribution to "The Event Horizon" is an installation which consists of several CD players asynchronously looping sound & music created by Immersion through divergently placed sets of speakers creating a soundfield in which people, items & events move in space & time. The work is intended to have no visual counterpart save for the rest of the work in the exhibition. It also has no subject. It is a debatable point whether any art other than narrative can have a subject but music especially in it's most abstract form cannot by definition have one.

Immersion does not attempt to project an identity through this work but rather seeks to embrace the event in the only way it knows how, by Immersion...

What is the identity of Immersion?

Knowing the identity of an artist cannot really be a substitution for partaking in that artist's work. Although in all artforms this information has more or less become the only arbiter of taste & more importantly value. Galleries, Cinemas, Record Shops, Concert Halls & Bookshops all for the most part trade in names.

That notwithstanding Immersion is not a nom de plume, the artists involved (
Malka Spigel & Colin Newman) are not only a working partnership involved primarily in music but also a married couple who in addition run a small record company (Swim). It is perhaps a strange commentary on our society that this most common of physical pairings is considered atypical from the point of view of an artistic (or even business) standpoint.

The terms both music & sound are used in reference to this work. The term "sound" alone avoids some of the limitations which the term "music" may conjour up in the mind of the potential listener but has the less desirable connotation of applying also to something with random timbre also referred to as "noise"

Narrative is absent from this work.


The "The Event Horizon" ran at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, DUBLIN between September & December 1996.