lobe  hibernation
Anybody who still thinks electronic music is "cold" or "soulless" should listen to lobe. For this is music with a rare warmth and humanity. Lush textures combine with constantly evolving rhythms and heart breaking  melodies. Unique. GRAHAM DUFF, satirist and broadcaster, Brighton.

I can heartily recommend lobe as - subliminal; melodic; emotional. With it's sparkling sound masking melancholia, it could not have been made at any other time. JON SAVAGE, music critic, N. Wales

lobe  is an indispensable spin. A confident interweaving of textures, lobe is both seductive and haunting. A  record to milk the cows to, drop out to, or hack on a computer to.  lobe - an intricate pulse which  raises the bar yet again in modern electronica. ERIC SCOTT, Creative Director, Day For Night, LA

You'll be just hanging around or doing something with lobe playing along in the background when  suddenly the music will grab you, send a shiver up your spine and you'll think "this is the best fucking music in the universe!!". The moment will pass but the impression will be indelible. COLIN NEWMAN, Musician, London

lobe's electronic melodica totally defies categorization - simply sublime stuff".  HOBBES, underword, Edinburgh, February '99.

lobe - relaxed, warm, and calm, yet full of energy, strength, and emotion.  At first seeping in slowly, it soon captures the senses totally.  CRAIG GRANNELL, Writer and Artist, Hampshire.

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