"My Pet Fish" is Malka's third solo release for swim following on from 1993's Rosh Ballata (WM1) and 1997's Hide (CDSWM10) minialbum. It features 11 new recordings by the ever industrious Spigel/Newman axis and aspires to new heights of "Post-Everythingness".

Malka Spigel : My Pet Fish
Track Listing
01 One Standing shoulder to shoulder with Swim's "future speculative" series of releases (Ronnie & Clyde's In Glorious Black and Blue and Colin Newman 's Bastard ) "My Pet Fish" proposes a kind of sneaky pop which not only defies categories but invents a few as well mashing up, as it does, all of the styles which define the late 90's into a heady brew fit for post millenial consumption. 


02 Humans
03 Dreamwalking
04 I Said, You Said
05 Parasites
06 Like Machines
07 4D
08 The Fishes and The Shining Sea
09 Memory of Tomorrow
10 Fly
11 It's Odd

out 28th September