"Bastard" is Colin's long awaited 6th album (9 years since 1988's It Seems ) although only his first eponymous release for swim. The album proposes a style which could be described as "virtual rock" which sees Colin & Malka striving to get beyond the dance/indie debate into new styles commensurate with the "post everything" vibe. All tracks on Bastard were written by Colin Newman and Malka Spigel and produced by Immersion.

Colin Newman : Bastard
Track Listing
01 Sticky One things for sure, 'Bastard' sounds unlike any other dance album you'll hear this month. Open your mind and leave any 'art wank! preconceptions at the door. Mixmag
Tracks such as 'May' show just what a boost being an accomplished guitarist can be when it comes to making cutting edge '90s trip-hop. DJ
Bastard finds him tilling new ground in utterly convincing fashion. He needn't worry about being bracketed as some kind of art-punk recidivist because he's just produced a fresh collision of rock and Electronica. The Wire
This is no bastard - it's a thoroughbred. The Modern Dance

02 May
03 Slowfast (Falling Down The Stairs With A Drumkit)
04 Without
05 g-deep
06 Spaced In
07 Spiked
08 The Orange House And The Blue House
09 Turn