"Like Bjork, this is not world music but world class pop" Stephen Dalton - NME

"File under`mystics for the masses`. Or just plain, bloody fab" Dave Simpson - Melody Maker

Malka Spigel : Rosh Ballata

Track Listing
01Rosh BallataThis album, in a typically Swim~ fashion, is possibly one of the more uncompromising things we could have started the label with if only because it was originally conceived as a release in Malka's homeland, Israel and the majority of it is sung in Hebrew! However do not expect some kind of "world music" or folk record. The album encompasses various styles (Trance, Abstract, Ambient Techno, Technogrunge, Indiepop, Dance-Pop, Ballad & just plain Weird) without ever wholly being any of them.

02Lisgor Sipor Yasham
04Rotsa Ladat Od
05Besof Hayman
06Ain Le'an Lalechet
09Yoshvim Al Hamaake
11Hacol Zaram Beyachad
12Don't Ask Why

Alternative Mixes
13Lisgor Sipor Yashan - no version
14Kishufim - no percussion mix
15Hacol Zaram Beyachad - no guitar mix
16Lisgor Sipor Yashan - steam ahead mix