UFO, Takemura & Monday Mishiru are just a few examples of how the Japanese - ruthelessly regimented pioneers of electronics & management efficiency though they are - also have a natural communion with the earthier arts of Jazz and the syncopated beat. Enter 22 year old Yoshio Maeda aka dol-lop, the latest Tokyo brother to hybridise jazz and computers. Incorporating along the way phat, experimental breaks, dub, techno, ambient & eastern classical music. Think the bastard off spring of Derrick May, DJ Shadow and Vadim. Soulful, funky, sometimes utterly meszmerising. 10/10 - DJ Magazine

dol-lop Cryptic Audio

Track Listing
08Flow dol-lop, 22 year-old Japanese break-beat DJ Yoshio Maeda, delivered his aural feast to the waiting worlds' front door on the 22nd Sept 1997.

Yoshi is a veritable renaissance man. From early beginnings in Dive, the only group in Tokyo to sound more like Dinosaur Jr than even Dinosaur Jr could manage, to the shifting art-pop of Nona Reeves through to the skeletal tech-funk of the project MetroJuice on Eukatech Yoshi has kept the musical plates spinning.

Cryptic Audio is his first solo release. The album takes his work into a whole new territory. Sublime jazz breaks slink idly through ruptured hip-hop rhythms while ocean-floor basslines meet twisted melodic idents.

The album utilises the sense of space and dynamics found in Studio One style dub as it tirelessly re-invents the music it has been influenced by.

dol-lop came to the attention of Swim through ecstatic reviews of G-Man on the web-site for Yoshis own-label, MetroJuice. Yoshi and label partners Tomoki Tsukamoto (also recording as w moon for g) and Sohei use MetroJuice as a vehicle for applying the template of minimal stylings to the other projects they produce.

The album is available as a CD and two 12"s. The vinyl version distinguishes itself by reversing the CDs running order in a conceptual nod to the inverse possibilities inherent in the project name.

Yoshi DJ-ed with Immersion in Dublin in 1996. ~

No.1 in Hip Hop charts - DJ Magazine

A real treat for your ears. - MUZIK

"Cryptic Audio" has to be one of the year's most rewarding surprises. Grahame Bent - Hip Hop Connection

There's nothing terribly cryptic about "Cryptic Audio" - it's smart and original, definitely not difficult to love - Big Takeover