Pablo's Eye


Pablo's Eye started working as a collective in 1989, a flexible project in which additional members were always welcome to participate. Making music was important but sharing the same artistic attitude was the main focus. Their wish was to remain simple and open by mixing different musical forms, cultures, and ideas. Their common goal has always been to create a feeling of travelling in time and space, by going from past memories to future hopes. Their aim remains to express the ideal and explore the real through both personal and global stories. P.E. have worked on all kinds of musical projects, for such diverse employers as CBS/Sony, ZTT records, the late President François Mitterand and the Japanese corporation Pioneer. They have been commissioned to compose the music for several works including, one on architecture to celebrate the Olympic Games in Spain and one for the international graphic & architecture agency Traces, who wished to make a statement against intolerance. Both CDs, respectively Barcelona, Architects of and Devotions were released on P.E.'s own label Celcius Blanco in 1991 & 1992. A CD of non-commissioned work, You Love Chinese Food, was given a world-wide release in 1995 through the Australian label Extreme and critics world-wide have described this album as "a provocative puzzle that must be felt", "deeply unfashionable and deeply brilliant" and "beguiling, constantly shifting music". The CD was followed by two other releases on Extreme a 45 minute CD EP You Have a Yearning For Perfection accompanied by a vinyl remix EP.

P.E. have always created strongly processed graphic imagery to compliment their music releases. After being asked to provide the music for Pioneer's Europe wide advertising campaign for their CD jukeboxes, P.E's Axel Libeert was then hired to take over responsibility for the campaign's art direction. The soundtrack spawned a CD single and 12" Prepare For the Others To Follow, for Colin Newman & Malka Spigel's Swim ~, label containing remixes and re-interpretations from Daniel B (of Front 242), Immersion, Ronnie & Clyde and Incarnate (Canadian Video of the year awardees Legion of Green Men). After this project, P.E. were asked to compose the soundtrack for the CD-ROM Lest We Forget, which deals with the history of the Holocaust. It was awarded prizes at the BIMA (British Interactive Multimedia Association) in London and the New Media Invision Awards Festival in the USA in 1997. P.E. have also appeared on various compilations on Extreme and T:me/Em:t as well as a limited edition 7" They Had No Alternative But To Destroy Her on the Austrian Label Syntactic in 1997.

P.E's new CD, All She Wants Grows Blue, was released on Swim ~ in July 1998. In common with other P.E. releases this album, with it's constant shifts of viewpoint from participant to observer, has clear parallels with cinema garnering an early comment from a radio DJ that it is the "Paris Texas of Breakbeat". With P.E's music  one is both a traveller and a watcher of travels. The unity of style on All She Wants Grows Blue reflects a will that is both strong and sure and it is apparent that P.E. have autographed their music with the strongest of intentions. More than anything, Pablo's Eye is a temporary atmosphere, like a taste or a dream....



All She Wants Grows Blue SWIM 1998 CD album   
They Had No Alternative But To Destroy Her SYNTACTIC 1997 7" pic Disc 
Prepare For the Others To Follow  SWIM 1996 CD mini-album 
Prepare For the Others To Follow  SWIM 1996 12"   
Amb 7  EXTREME 1995 12"
You Have a Yearning For Perfection EXTREME   1995 CD mini-album 
You Love Chinese Food EXTREME     1995 CD album 
Devotions  CELCIUS BLANCO        1995  CD mini-album 
Barcelona, Architects of  CELCIUS BLANCO      1995  CD album
Pablo's Eye CELCIUS BLANCO         1989  CD album

Plus appearances on various compilation released by EXTREME, T:ME/EM:T, SWIM

"Pablo's Eye go well beyond most of what passes for Trance, Ambient and postmodern-always-rings-twice Fourth Worldism. Tenth World music anyone? Highly recommended."
Paul Schütze - The Wire /  - July 1995

"What makes Pablo's Eye stand out from the competition is their knack for mixing textures... Too bad the phrase "dream pop" has already been taken since it would be quite appropriate for this beguiling constantly shifting music."
Lang Thompson - Option / Nov.-Dec. 1995

"The effect is a strange collage of culture and impression that refuses to be ignored... A provocative puzzle that must be felt."
Andrew Monko - Resonance / - Nov. 1995

"Everybody's favourite coffee table album... This is bewitching, unclassifiable stuff."
Simon Reynolds - Melody Maker / Sept. 30 1995

"A reminder of how diverse an album can be, and yet maintain a coherent stance... Deeply unfashionable and deeply brilliant."
Denis Helium - The lizard / - Autumn 1995

"Unique and graceful and utterly, utterly refined."
mFr - Immersed 001 /  1996

"a haunting and evocative album with a strong narrative"
Miles Ahead 1998

"Pablo's Eye remain one of the most rewarding sources of musical engagement currently available. Impossible to classify or adequately summarize - which is, of course, praise indeed."
DT - Immerse 1998