"The longer tracks are superb especially the 'Cypher New York mix' " Brooky MODERN DANCE
".....Rubbery tambours carom through PE's own "Escapade Remix" and are then reduced to phantoms in the elongated "Cypher N.Y." mix, an echoscape of shadows and mirage. In the hands of Front242's Daniel B and the masterful Ronnie&Clyde, PE discover hitherto unrevealed Downtempo talents. The former's "Broken 1604 & Bypass Mix" weaves samples and subliminal screeches through fog of trancey didgeri-doodlings. But it's Immersion's spectacularly complex breakbeat acrobatics and synth squelches on "Immersion for P.E." which illuminate the most successful reinvention. " Gil Gershmann ALTERNATIVE PRESS

Pablo's Eye : prepare for the others to follow

Track Listing
01Intro "shot in the studio" (0'54") Following the huge critical success (especially in USA/Japan) of their previous two outings on Extreme (You like Chinese Food & You have a Yearning for Perfection) Pablo’s Eye were approached by Japanese Mega corporation Pioneer to initially soundtrack (but later direct) their Europe wide campaign for the CD Mega Changer (a sort of CD jukebox) & Power Bass (a speaker with more erm...bass). The resulting soundtrack has formed the basis for this & the subsequent vinyl (remix) releases.

02Prepare for the others to follow (2'56")
03Escapade remix (2'29")
04Spot (0'20")
05Cypher N.Y. mix (6'12")
06Rotterdam mix featuring near nudity (5'14")
07Straight mix (0'20")
08World mix (0'20")
05Xprmnti (2'13")
06Broken 1604 & bypass mix by Daniel B. (6'26")
07Immersion for PE (4'08")
THE REMIXES 12" Check out also the Vinyl (remix) versions with additional mixes from Ronnie & Clyde , Incarnate & a new mix from Pablo's Eye themselves