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Alloy - the OED tells us it's a new kind of metal. Hence the title of Danish trio Silo's rather wonderful second album, the follow-up to Instar (1998).
So don't start thinking this is a nu-metal LP - Silo are about low-slung, cyclical grooves - real headnod shit - a unique distillation of the best of rock
and electronica.

As new technologies breed new hybrids, so old certainties break down. Silo are a case in point. Ostensibly a classic rock power trio (guitar/ bass/ drums) these three Danes have been subverted and seduced by the heady possibilities of digital manipulation to a point where they are both a rock band in actuality and a rock band inside a computer. Their originality comes from the fact that their electronic methodology is built into the band at the absolute ground level.

As the album unwinds, you'll come to realise there's something not quite right about it. Then you realise: there's not a single track recorded in 4/4
time on the whole record. The disorientation is hypnotic. There are only three people in the world who can dance to it.

Silo have played live (they totally rock, we can assure you) with everyone from Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Trans Am, to  Blonde Redhead and Lydia Lunch. They appeared at 1999's Festival of Drifting and this year's tragic Roskilde Festival, and are currently negotiating Uk and European performances for later in the year.

The album will be preceeded by a 7" K2/ Prime Movers (boss remix by Colin Newman) - Available by mail order NOW

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