Pablo's Eye started working as a collective in 1989, a flexible project in which additional members were always welcome to participate. Making music was important but sharing the same artistic attitude was the main focus. Their wish was to remain simple & open by mixing different musical forms, cultures, and ides; a prime challenge for anyone still not believing in some positive course for the multi-cultural world.

In 1991 P.E was asked to make the music for a project on architecture to celebrate the Olympic Games in Spain ("Barcleona, Architects of"). In 1992 "Traces" a graphic agency, wishing to make a statement against "all kinds of excesses due to intolerance" commisioned P.E. to make the music which ended up on "devotions" both CD's were released on the Celsius Blanco imprint named for their Brussels HQ. A third CD in 1995 "You love Chinese Food" was given a worldwide release through Extreme and gathered the collective more media praise than any other release on that label.

In 1996 P.E. were commisioned (the latest in a series which includes such diverse employers as ZTT records & the French Government) by Pioneer to provide the music for an advertising capaign for their CD jukeboxes. This has turned into a full fledged collaboration with P.E.'s Axel Libeert taking over the art direction for the campaign also. P.E. themselves have a history of strong processed graphic imageary to compliment their music and site the Belgian Surrealist artists Rene Magritte & Marcel Broodthaers as strong influences.

P.E.'s history with Swim goes back in fact to 1993 when contact was first made. Since then P.E. & Swim have been looking for a suitable way to bring P.E.'s unique vision to fruit within the Swim context. The results will be a CD single for April release featuring music from the Pioneer campaign plus remixes and reinterpretations by amongst others Daniel B. (Front 242) & Immersion, and a CD album for release later in the year.

Pablo's Eye