It's been a long 2 years since the g-man (aka Gez Varley) last graced us with one of his eponymous release. In fact the g-label has had to wait until number 4 before getting a release from it's number one son! Still Varley was never prolific in his early days with techno innovators LFO and it's the quality that counts - and what quality!! G-man has been responsible for defining the real soul of minimal techno by simply being the one who "brought the funk". From earliest days with the first g-man 12" on g's sister label swim ~ g-man has always been the favourite of the world biggest floor movers (how does, Mills, Weatherall & Hawtin grab you for starters?) From g-man II came the minimal classic "El Jem" (soon to be redefined by some freshly minted talent) and the Kushti album in it's digital sequencing by Vapourpace's Mark Gage to mimic the layered floor presentation so necessary to the medium is still light years ahead of anything in techno.

Yet despite his reputation for providing the finest mixing gear g-man in it's pure state remains peerless in it's sheer subtlety. The new 12" provides ample opportunity to be pulled into it's hynotic embrace. Always understated the 12" encompasses almost spacey mimimal techno The Art of War , Gez' own take on skank Centurion, the most minimal of dubs Brutus and the necessary hard finaliser Nero. A definitive return. The g-man is back to claim what's his.

Out of print on "g" to be re-released on "~" (tilde) later this year.

g 4 ~ g-man - g-man IV

Side One
1. the art of war
2. centurion
Side Two
1. brutus
2. nero

Maximum Minimal