"Let's the tracks & ideas behind the music grow without this stop start business! FLOW MOTION" Dave Cawley - Fat Cat

G-Man : Kushti

Track Listing
Zone 1Turtle & Sparticus The transition to the CD mediumhas prompted a novel device to be employed to bring the invention that G-Man unlocks in all those clubs into the digital medium. 2 hours worth of material has been digitally layered by means of hard disc editing by Mark Gage into 1 hour of concentrated G-Man, not a beat has been skipped, not a minimal note lost (you never hear less than 2 tracks at once!) thus making the CD into a genuine (& brilliant) work in it's own right, rather than a compilation of (albeit excellent) club tracks. Meanwhile the vinyl version of the album "Kushti Vinyl" features 5 new tracks in a harder vein un-layered as the medium dictates and therefore the two items are differentlt titled and are entirely different in content & concept.

Gez Varley Discography

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