Lobe, the latest find from Swim, is 24-year-old male psychiatric nurse and electronic musician Ian Hartley. Based in Aberdeen, he started making music after briefly flirting with punk and experiencing the '88 acid sound at the Pelican club in Aberdeen. Bought his first drum machine while working as a postman before taking up the Government's offer of a music scholarship (more commonly known as going on the dole). Ian began studying psychiatric disorders after having numerous chemical experiences and has a deep interest in mental disorders, their causes and the effects they have on individuals and their families. Lobe's music reflects the often extremely fine line between sanity and insanity, where one's subjective opinion of one's self in relation to others is deemed reality. The peaceful feel of Lobe's music conceals a harsher, darker side - the angelic eyes of the killer as it were. In particular Lobe's music reassures you that what you see on the outside is not necessarily the whole story. An album will follow in '96.
"veers towards the chill with messed up rhythms, a sense of space & some sweet synthpop licks." Tony Marcus mixmag update
"it drives and builds until you are sucked in completely" Steven Ash GENERATOR

Placebo (Iris Remix)