'Vol. 3' of the Immersion Remixes (following hot on the heels of the stunningly titled 'Vol. 1' and 'Vol. 2') continues the series originally started after the release of the band's debut, 'Oscillating', when a variety of remixers and producers were approached with a view to redefining Immersion's music in their own way. So great was the response that the project has now taken on a life of its own with releases planned up to 1996. After the success of both 'Vol 1', and 'Vol. 2', 'Vol. 3' is a step into the vast unknown that lies beyond the borders of techno. Featuring mixes by masters of atmospherics Jon Ryman, Pablo Castrati, Paul Schütze and Cylob, 'Vol. 3' boasts a very different set of sounds to its twin predecessors. Ryman's remix of 'No Surrender' replaces the speed of the original with tranquillity and emptiness, Castrati's version of 'Immersion' is a locust swarm of sounds descending on the listener like the plague host, Schütze's revoicing of 'Sea Level' is a mesmeric ripple of samples, while Cylob's 'Envelope' is the last scream of the dentist's drill from Marathon Man. 'Vol. 3' - a bold step into spaciousness.
"Stunningly beautiful music, the way techno should be - anarchic, imaginative and heart stopping." Tim Barr Jon Ryman
Pablo Castrati
Paul Schutze

Immersion Remixes Vol. 3

No Surrender double remix by Jon Ryman
Immersion "Sub Mix" by Pablo Castrati
Sea Level re-voiced by Paul Schutze
Envelope Remixed by Cylob