After the sucess of the 'Vol 1',. which featured mixes by Mark Gage, Intens, Trawl & Craig Wharton, the 'Vol. 2' has a definite Transatlantic feel and includes mixes by Telepathic, Iris, Claude Young and Mick Harris. Telepathic is Fred Giannelli a one time member of Psychic TV. He is working on this occasion under the name of his his Telepathic label in Boston. Its releases built him a strong enough reputation to bring his "portable recording studio" over to Europe last spring. Due to contractual reasons we can't divulge the identity of Iris . Young is a young Detroit D.J. who records for Utensil and is known for his frantic mixing style. Harris from Scorn, Lull and formerly Napalm Death should need little introduction.
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Claude Young
Mick Harris

Immersion Remixes Vol. 2

Telepathic Water Walker reproduced by Fred Gianelli
Hydraulic remixed by Iris
Slow Drift Mix re-immersed by Claude Young
Walkabout Mix by Mick Harris