"Oscillating" by Immersion's beat diminished quirky electronic strangeness has attracted a wide cross section of interested parties. Thus Immersion themselves (who are not very interested in promoting themselves, preferring the attention to stay on the music) suggested that we try to get in touch with contemporary musicians who they (and us) like with the instruction to cast the net as wide as possible. These are the first fruits of this remix project which will include monthly vinyl releases and at least 2 CD compilations.
"Shooting a line of electronic beauty through electronic noise" Tony Marcus NME

"The most spastik sounds ever layed down on vinyl" JOCKEY Slut

No. 13 in "techno prisoners" chart in Echoes.

Mark Gage
Craig Wharton

Immersion Remixes Vol. 1

Oscillating Between remixed by Mark Gage in VapourSpace
Les Iles Flottantes remixed by Intens
Water Walker remixed by Trawl
Oscillating Between remixed by Craig Wharton