It's been 7 years since "It Seems", and what we all want to know is, can he cut the mustard still? Could he ever? Here we have four self indulgent tracks from a label boss who doesn't have to submit to anyones "A & R" . A foretaste of a CD (as yet unfinished) to follow. Is the popular music establishment quaking in it's boots? Will the underground be shaken to it's very core?
"Wire's techno toting, Elastica baiting Colin Newman releases his first 12" for an astounding seven years on his Swim imprint this month" Ben Willmott - NME

No. 10 in Moonboots chart for MIXMAG UPDATE.
No. 6 in Dean Thatcher chart for DJ MAGAZINE.
No. 5 in Fat Cat chart for MELODY MAKER.

Colin Newman