Resolution is Michael Harding who currently resides in Brighton and the 12" is the first fruits of a virtual/physical collaboration between himself and Intens our production/remix hat. The two tracks which make up "The Ghostwriter" are an attempt to integrate guitar (albeit mutated) and polyrhythms into something which has a more insistent yet flowing feel. They also represent the Swim ideal in that they, like all Swim releases do not respect musical monotheism and its various accepted orthodoxies. A CD will follow. Michael also records for Ash International under the name of "Mesmer" and is an "Immersion" remixer.
"Windswept and atmospheric technoid racer with ringing guitars & deep bass plumbing" Kriss Needs - ECHOES.

No. 18 in "techno prisoners" chart in Echoes

The Ghostwriter

Houses From a Train