Swim`s first venture into vinyl and the first in a series of "development" releases. Earth`s approach is to go for the beauty jugular, their remixes of "World Gardening" (Squeaky Gardening) and especially "Flow" (Motion) are so chilled out they're in the garden! The latter has already found it's way onto the Crammed compilation "Freezone One". The approach of Oscillating (now Immersion due to too many Oscillators) is more radical. Their mixes of "Surrender" (No Surrender) and "Questions" (No Answers) are stripped and remodelled beyond recognition. Trance beyond trance is not an adequate description. Original versions on "Tree" by Oracle CD WM2

Earth & Oscillating (Remixes)

World Gardening (Squeaky Gardening)
Flow (Motion)
Surrender (No Surrender)
Questions (No Answers)