After a series of remixes of their Swim debut CD "Oscillating", Immersion present 4 new tracks on this 12". The tracks are in divergent (some would say wildly so) electronic styles reflecting Malka & Colin's observation of the current scene as styles break down & merge in a flood of creativity. 
"A Quality 12' indeed. My favourite tracks being 'Fat' for downright funkiness & the awesome 'Metal Sea'. This label deserves a lot more attention than it gets" Kenny McGoff

 "Colin Newman keeps it up. The Swim stuff is the biz - much talked about" Dean Cavanagh 

"the B side is the one for me... love it, awesome" Ian Taylor, Dream FM - Leeds 

No.8 in Jazz Proffesor chart in Melody Maker
No.5 in DJ Morpheus chart for Techno Magazine

2nd Immersion

Metal Sea