The following pages contain what should be seen as only one of many possible presentations of a project I have been working on since the summer of 2000.

With this work I'm investigating some of the areas I find fascinating, those of "contemporary tribalism" through the internet, obsession, the relationships between visual art and music as well as a fascination with different types of collaboration in art.

I decided to use an existing network - that of Wire fans connecting loosely but not entirely around the "Ideal Copy" e.mail chat group (hence the title of this piece, both being derived from the 1987 album of the same name) who are a small but enthusiastic group who seem to connect with their item of interest on many different levels. To start the project I made the following post on the 14th July.

I am making a piece of work relating to contemporary  "tribalism". By this I mean very specific special interest groups of the kind characterised by something like a single topic subscription list. People, who are very diverse in age and cultural affiliation, scattered across the globe who nonetheless have this one thing in common. In order to explore the different ways these diverse groups relate to the same thing I would like to try something with the Ideal Copy List. 

I would like Ideal Copy List subscribers to send to me an item that somehow conveys visually their relationship with or how they see Wire. It can be as absurd or as abstract as you like but not bigger than 25 cm X 25 cm (the size of a CD insert) if flat or of similar dimensions if 3D. It can be any shape and can be much smaller in fact.

A closing date for contributions was set for the end of October. 

What you see in these pages is a 2-dimensional, static, soundless representation of the individual items and a random grouping of them. Text from the contributors has been added where appropriate. Clicking on each contributor's icon links to a larger representation of the image. Clicking on the larger image will lead to further images and or texts.