I've chosen to base this summary of the appeal of Wire's music for me, on the "pyramid of good nutrition". Good music satisfies my intellectual / emotional needs in the way that a balanced diet satisfies the physical needs. The rhythm is the carbohydrate, the melody is the fruit & veg, the arrangement is the meat, the lyrics the dairy products, and the style the fatty and sugary treats.

RHYTHM : At the base of the pyramid is the percussive beat fundamental to getting into the bodyís system; like the relentless thud of '2 People in a Room', or the off-beat 'What do you See ?'

MELODY : For me, Wire have consistently composed great tunes throughout their long career, from the chorus of 'Map Ref' to the synth solo in 'Follow the Locust'. They just seem to have a similar feeling to mine, for which combinations of notes sound good together.

ARRANGEMENT : This refers to all the finishing touches which turn good themes into great tracks. I love the little details, like the repeated fragments of sound which crop up in 'Where's the Deputation'. I like them better than most groups because they're so un- Rock'n'Roll ;  with few recognisably rock textures.

LYRICS : Quite unique, in a class of their own. Sometimes absurd, often hilarious, but never pop clichés, and always sounding as though written by intelligent people for intelligent listeners.

STYLE : The tip of the pyramid; the icing on the cake. Hard to define, but they're just a great band to be 'into'. No vacuous posing, just four ultra-smart old geezers. Some of my other favourite groups (Chameleons, Simple Minds, Doors etc.), can match them on purely musical terms, but none of them are as cool as Wire.



Sean Bowen