I had a couple ideas floating around for a while about what to send you, but they just werenít very interesting, they didnít resonate in any meaningful way; then I remembered that my relationship with Wire is founded on the musicís rhythm and its texture primarily, and secondarily the text. So--sandpaper rhythm (and of course itís not new but used sandpaper, rough, coarse and frayed)--and itís ridden, ridden by a plastic drinks monkey (echo of "purple monkeys"), which looks iconic, a modern Sphinx loaded with meaning in this context, but is a silly toy. I guess I was going for that post-modern Wire surrealist humour!

I hadnít thought about display, thinking you were going to combine all the contributions. Well, I think it could be free-floating, or mounted on a thin holder from behind, either on a stand or to a wall. A box frame would really set it apart and give it much more importance than I had intended--but that could be fun. 


Robert Cambra