The attempt to express my feelings about Wire graphically proved to be quite difficult.  I finally decided that the best way to approach the subject was to attempt to create something much the way Wire themselves had started.  

I decided to use a computer program that had inherent limitations (it only rendered 3D fonts), and that I had no real skills using.  This seemed to me to be akin to the situation Wire themselves were in when they first started.  The process of "learning the ropes", working within a strict framework, and having no formal training in the subject matter at hand seemed to work fairly well in creating the image seen here.  

Upon reflection, I realized that although the final result wasn't what I had expected, it had actually done a fairly good job in articulating my feelings about Wire.  Particularly, the titles against the sky seem to illustrate the way that Wire's works are able to exist freely, in and of their own time and space, without the limitations that other artists' works seem to inccur over time.  

"The ideal copy is the copy that creates itself," Wire once said.

I couldn't agree more.


Paul A. Pietromonaco