It's about Wire, of course, but it's mostly about my very personal reaction to the Wire RFH event. It was just at the right time and place for me to find out that guitar-based music, originally recorded more than 20 years ago, can sound contemporary today. This struck me as rather odd, since I found nothing new in guitar music in the last 10 years or so.

Following the RFH gig I was also introduced to the Wire mailing list, where I found lots of people with quite eccentric musical tastes. I was introduced to post-electronic rock via the likes of Silo and Trans Am.

Everything I used to listen to till then, from post-punk & krautrock to electronics was finally mapped into contemporary times. I found the music I made with friends, which started out as a hobby, also had all those factors in it. It started to sound contemporary, and good.

So being untalented in any kind of visual arts, I just used the simplest computer graphics editor with the simplest functions (cut & paste) to try and intuitively visualise what I felt. Lots of wire-related cuts, alongside cuts that were more relevant to me personally in connection to the gig (Can / Faust / Kraftwerk sleeves, a picture of me playing, etc...). Everything blends together to create something totally incomprehensible.