So, as round & circular / spheres (objects or symbols) have evolved in meaning since ancient times (long before pyramids), please see for yourself in these links of personal reference to this project, such thoughts as: 'through eyes of round, we seek / find our ring of perpetual love', 'halo's of the holy', 'Olympic rings', 
or simply 'bubble beauty'. This 1st link quoting Native American 'Black Elk', a Lakota Sioux, coincides with Wire's '154' very nicely:

Here is the last link's parent with circle entered already; enter any other desired quandary in search field while you are there:
Here's some additional links to inspire brainwaves in 3-D:

You may also enter after 'ring=': 2eyes, amapi, 3dportring, 7856, or visualnet if such is your desired pursuit. 

Also, there is

to poke around in.

And to go full circle / it's beginning to and back again: