The whole idea of tribalism versus diversity (as I see it) is something that I find quite interesting, and the Ideal Copy is one very good example of this.  The fact that 99.9% of the people on the list would never have contacted each-other if not for their interest in Wire, yet are (mostly) civil and quite chatty at times is testament to the fact that all people seem to need to get along is some common ground!  I guess we see this all around us, from gangs of like-politically-minded people, to sports fans, to those that share the same working roles.

One thing I have noticed is that people that belong to such a "tribe" often meet due to having one thing in common, but then end up realising that they have more.  Take Ideal Copy, for instance -- a fairly high proportion of those on the list are musicians.

As for how people relate to Wire, it's such an abstract thing, so I'll be interested to see if you get any common themes.  I imagine there may be a few pink flags or duggas, but I think words might prevail.  Music is difficult for me to visualise directly, not having synesthesia (the condition where senses are muddled, so people "see" sound and "taste" smell  - Kandinsky was rumoured to have a mild case of this) so the words stand out when trying to make an 'object'.  Either that or an equivalent visual is created, but this usually ends up being narrative in some way.  Also, the 'group' itself also makes for something visual -- names and projects, etc.


Craig Grannell