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1 Sunday's Drift Mark Rushton Hum and Drift

2 Thou Shalt Always Kill Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip Thou Shalt Always Kill Lex

3 Traffic Tune Mrs. Tanaka Lime Light Town Tone -

4 Soon My Bloody Valentine Loveless Creation

5 Smash It With A Brick Mu Chan Clan Sonic Mook Experiment 2 Future Rock & Roll Blast First

6 Acacia-Hate (Darkmatter Mix) Nico Sykes white label Radarscope

7 A Gap Has Appeared Field Music Tones Of Town Memphis Industries

8 Warm Leatherette The Normal Warm Leatherette Mute

9 We've Seen It All Minders Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm Earworm

10 In a Manner of Speaking Nouvelle Vague Nouvelle Vague Peacefrog

11 To Hell With Good Intentions Mclusky Mclusky Do Dallas Too Pure

12 Ace of Spades (Live) Motorhead    

13 Rainbow Chaser Nirvana You Can All Join In Island

14 The Queen Night Night Stuntman and Psychic EP

15 Trashing Days The Notwist Neon Golden City Slang

16 Blackhole In The Sun Nu Era Beyond Gravity Reflective

17 These Days Nico Chelsea Girl Polydor

18 We Have All The Time In The World My Bloody Valentine Peace Together Island