Cusp : Space + Time * Liquids + Metals

Track Listing
01Space Between

photo by Tim Prezzano

02Venusian Satellite
03Drone um Futurisma
04Mars The Red Planet
05Liquids + Metals
07Venusian Dream Realm
08Mercury Expanding
09Liquid Dimesion
10Venusian Biosphere

Cusp is Mark Gage aka Vapour Space (the band not the club!) and this CD is his first for Swim. The album realises Mark's ambition to gather all of the Cusp material (some up til now only on hard to find vinyl and some never released in any format) on one disc freshly sequenced in one continuous mix to take full advantage of the CD medium and to put some attention onto this much overlooked meisterwork.

"If you like his work as Vapourspace you'll love this - it's as simple as that" Susan Masters MIXMAG