Lobe : Lobe
Track Listing
01 Movement (link plays audio) The self titled Lobe album quietly produced itself over the winter of '95-'96. Ian's set up was brought down to Swim studio and the material was mixed over a surprisingly short period. The mood of the album is, as with all things Lobe, restrained yet full of an underlying passion & aching beauty, it's "classic" status is already gaurenteed through it's influential converts (Jon Savage & Desmond Hill are both big Lobe fans).

 Apart from the reworked "Placebo" (from the debut 12") the material is all new. 

CLICK ON  "Dorain" for a Quick Time movie by Craig Grannell.

02 Tactile
03 Affective (link plays audio)
04 Dorain (link plays video)
05 Placebo (link plays audio)
06 Depot
07 Basement (link plays audio)
08 Disordered
09 Ammonite (link plays audio)
10 Fractured