"The Israeli/Macedonian foursome take no prisoners in this debut that gives a nod to punk, techno & ambient influences" - Music Week

Plastic Venus : Helven Park

Track Listing
01It's DeadApparently a conventional four piece, Plastic Venus moved from their Isreali/Macedonian base to Camden to be closer to their perceived roots and to be "more extreme". The music they make as a result is a confusion of loudness and indirection, not so much an in-your-face sound as an in-someone-else's. According to fans, it rarely makes sense and you're left with a sense of wonder, who are these people and why are they doing what they're doing? In spite of this, they have their own following in Camden (and elsewhere). They look pretty weird too, singer Ronit has had bright pink hair for longer than anyone can remember and the band as a whole sports that apocalyptic punk look. yet the sound they make is different, there's no reference to '70s punk. Anorexic, pre-bulimic, this band are masters of musical skinniness. Like Kate Moss in a revolting punk explosion.

02Bicycle C
08I'm Going Where
09Months In Bed
10Bone Cake Ache
13Haircuts Land
14In My Mouth (Helven Park)