A double CD containing 21 Tracks in all of which only 5 have previous been released by Swim on CD & 9 of which have never been released on any other medium, some of these may never be released again. 1 track is deliberately uncredited.

Water Communication ~ UK release Date 03.02.97.

Track Listing
DWM20_1 Water Communication combines both a summing up of "the Swim story" so far (3 years, so far, in the making!!) and some glimpses of what this label run by Colin Newman & Malka Spigel has in store for the next set of releases. It is perhaps Swim's only release which shows not only the diversity of this most diverse of contemporary labels but also the subtle style linkage that gives the label it's identity. It is a sampler in the truest sense. There have been purposely no spurious remixes or "additions" to the previously released tracks but the plethora of new tracks & the double album @ single price approach guarantee that this is very far from a "cash in" compilation.

01Spaced In ~ Colin Newman
02Metal Sea ~ Immersion
03Immerse ~ Pablo's Eye
04Last Hand ~ Ronnie & Clyde
05Quo Vardis ~ g-man
06Limbic ~ Lobe
07Hide ~ Malka Spigel
08Cypher N.Y. mix ~ Pablo's Eye
09Kiss (whisper mix) ~ Plastic Venus
10Automation ~ Colin Newman
11World Gardening ~ Oracle