Ronnie & Clyde ~ Biography
Marrakech, I979. Two small boys stare excitedly from the fifth floor of an ancient, gilded Palace. Beneath them the cities Bazzars hum with life, the ragged stalls like so many mangy travel blankets.

As wildly over-privileged progeny Her Majesties Government's top diplomaticians, Ronaldo Blaise-Pascal and Clydenio Troubridge-Vergniaud lead languorous lives. Whole months are offered up to the glories of Saint-Saens and the wisdom of Theodore Parker. Life is good.

Or is it? As schooled as they undoubtedly are, not even Ronaldo or Clydenio could have guessed the vileness that lurked unseen in the bosom of their own family.

For it came to pass that our gangly chums had been promised as collateral in a massive Baccarat fraud that Clydenio's father had cooked up with the manger of the early-eighties Puerto Rican teen-pop phenomenomenom Menudo. Consequently, on their sixteenth birthday, our shy, bookish friends were kicked, face-first into the brutal, flesh-rippingly feral world of Pan Global Nano-Stardom.

Still. Fuck 'em. Nothing to do with us.

Our Ronnie and Clyde meet under slightly differing circumstances.

Highbury, 1922. Two grown men nearly come to blows over the decks at a mutual friends house party. In the red comer, Ronnie (Ronnie). 6ft 1", I I stone. Milk-crate full of crisp Nu-Groove and Bones Breaks biscuits. In the blue corner, Clyde (Rob). Also 6ft 1" but carrying those crucial extra pounds. His record bags barely containing their battered bounty of Flourgon, Hijack and Harold Budd.

At first they sulk. Then they bicker. Finally they come to their senses, get singing drunk and spend the rest of the night hammering each others platters. Viola!

So anyway. Both were working independently on musical projects Rob was involved with a Cornish folk trio called King Arthur's Sandals while Ronnie split his time between the proto-techno of Molten Sandbox and the Mezbow style pain-core of Thump. Unbelievably, no recordings of these projects exist.

In that fondly remembered Spring of 1995 they cast off their old skins to reveal the slick pulsating scales of Ronnie & Clyde. Over the next few months the skeletal form of what would become The Last Hand E.P. began to take shape. An advance tape found it's way to Colin Newman and Malka Spigel at Swim. They liked what they heard and dutifully passed it on to their head of A&R Ben (8). The lad was down and Ronnie and Clyde were GO! The debut 12" "The Last Hand" was released in April '96 and was picked up by Pressure Drop, ColdCut, Fabio, Patrick Forge and others.

In August they kicked off the second Invisible Soundtracks 12" on the Leaf label. More great reviews and airplay. As 1996 drew to a close a couple of their productions were fighting it out in the nation's record racks. Detox released the Aeroplane track "Signs of Life" which was played extensively on Radio I and Kiss. Domino/Series 5OO retaliated wfth Basilica's 'La Plonk'. Two months after its arrival the Basilica 12" is still pickinig up wicked reviews from The Wire to Touch.


Ronnie & Clyde are John Ross and Rob Fitzpatrick. Both live in west London and are prone to fib.

Ronnie (26) ~ likes Japanese food, Brass Eye and driving dangerously.

Clyde (27) ~ likes a full English, Trans Am and Guinness.

1977:The Game plan

1. Ronnie & Clyde. The Album.
2. A new Basilica single
3. Baronial Footwear.
4. An Aeroplane EP.
5. Maybe going to the Parrs Head instead of The Havelock (Unlikely this One).