Ronnie & Clyde - "Last Hand EP"
Preliminary DJ reports from Zzonked - 07.03.96.
A1- Nine Miles High A2 - Finger B1- Last Hand B2- Nine Miles Deep (adjusted by Immersion)
"What a beautifully chilled ambi-drum 'n' bass choon... " (Eamonn Dog - Megadog)

"Beautiful music - this is going straight on to my Walkman tape - a nice fat cigaretto and this and the world's a better place" (Tim Hancock, Stumpjuice - Wolverhampton)

"The Immersion version is a fine piece of technoid jonjlais" (Pork, Hull)

"Sly Stone in session - if he was doing drum 'n' bass he'd be rockin with spirit like these guys! Sweetest bassline - on & on & on. Lost for words...." (George Macdonald, Scotland)

"'Last Hand' is the one for me - like the piano, very off kilter" (Chris Goss, Tongue & Groove, London)

"After the slightly dodgy & fluffy intro, Ronnie & Clyde really get down to business with a wicked breakbeat & atttitude which moves the floor in a big way." (Phil Lewis/Wierd Beats Collective, London)

".... B1 jazz funked out to really set things alight" (Johnnny Callaghan, Jersey, Channel Islands)

"I like this EP. Track B1 sounds very Alex Reece...." (Luke, Bang in Tunes, Coventry)

"A1 spooky intro drum city with a groovy B line makes it a nice little roller...." (Neil Laffin/ DJ Darkness)

"The whole EP is good and I really like "Last Hand", very original drum 'n' bass" (Alex Reece, London)