2nd Immersion - DJ Reports
"the B side is the one for me... love it, awesome" (Ian Taylor, Dream FM -Leeds)

"This is wicked" (Rob Hall - Cheshire)

"A2 & B1 are awesome - got a little tired of the endless remix 12" so maybe with Immersion being so talented, 96 could concentrate on developing themselves, wicked 12' " (Richard Brown, Soma - Scotland)

"Excellent - diversity does no harm - not a track I don't like but "Metal Sea" makes me smile" (Dereck Potter - Essex)

"Blissed out Techno-soul of "Shadow" - what a gem....Whilst "Metal Sea" has got to be one of the most emotional tunes of the year.." (Andy Sherman - Scotland)

"Love A2" (Rob Webb - Southampton)

"Colin Newman keeps it up. The Swim stuff is the biz - much talked about" (Dean Cavanagh - Bradford)

"B1 is the tune for me on this 12", the deep feeling given by the strong ambient, techno sound over a wicked breakbeat is wicked (works a storm on the floor) (Phil Wakely - Wales)

"A very good 12" (Badher Shah - Northampton)

"Top Stuff" (Mark Garwell - Brighton)

"Fat is a good groove...in fact it's a wicked track. "Shadow" is a beatifully layered electro synth track. "Metal Sea" kicks in fine style! "Drive" finishes off a quality 12" (Alvin C, Naked Records - Middlesex)

"A Quality 12" indeed. My favourite tracks being "Fat" for downright funkiness & the awesome "Metal Sea". This label deserves a lot more attention than it gets (Kenny McGoff - Scotland)